Session Musician

Do you need some bass recorded for your album, demo, advertising campaign, etc?

I have been a recording bass player for over a decade and have recorded countless albums, jingles, demos, etc across the world. I’ve been able to do this as I am the owner of ‘Mahogany Recording Studios‘ and have been a fully-kitted studio for audio production, mixing/master, production & composition/arrangement since 2008.

Studio Gear List (Brief):

Recording Software – Pro Tools 9, Cubase 8, Logic Studio 9

Audio Interface – Midas F24 Mixing Console, MOTU 828 MKII

Outboard Gear – Audient ‘Black Box’, SSL, Focusrite OctoPre, BOSS, Roland, etc.

Microphones – AKG, Rode, Shure, DPA, Audix, etc

I have a selection of bass guitars and amplification/preamps that I use to be able to ‘dial in’ that perfect tone that you need!

Bass Gear:

Basses – USA 1978 Fender Jazz, MIM 1958 Precision Bass, MTD 653-24 (Custom), Musicman Stingray5 (fretless), Sire V7, Solid-Wood Upright Bass

Amps – MarkBass F500, MarkBass ‘Little Mark’, Aguilar SC500

Outboard/FX Pedals – RMI BassWitch, MXR, Zoom, BOSS, Radial

I am able to record at any sample rate & bit-depth in a DAW of your choosing and export tracks in any format you may require for your project. I can send you the raw audio as well as a ‘mixed’ version to my taste of what your project may need.

Basically, I’m happy to play on your stuff and give you the best possible sound from my fingers, brain and, mostly, heart/guts!