As of March 2017, I am the 1st endorsed artist on the African continent for an amazing bass manufacturer called Sire Guitars.

They create spectacular guitars with premium, patented components at literally half the cost of the closest competitor. I own a 1978 USA Fender Jazz Bass that is an iconic sound but due to the value I’m not always keen to go gigging with it…but my Sire V7 bass is the PERFECT replacement for that sound and also has some added features that I wished could always be installed onto Fender basses. A new Sire V7 Fretless has replaced my MusicMan Stingray fretless bass with as it again just makes my current bass seem thin and hard to play with the new Sire M7 replacing my Warwick Streamer Stage 1. I’m extremely excited about building this brand in Southern Africa and a huge thanks to Anna Sohn from Sire for the honour of playing their great gear!

I have been fortunate enough to get a custom-built bass by one of the pioneering luthiers in the world, namely Michael Tobias and have been an endorsee of his MTD Bass Guitars brand for over a decade! My MTD 635-24 is the greatest instrument I’ve ever owned and I’m still finding things that I love about it nearly every time I play it!

I am proud to play only MarkBass Amplification.
Their amp strength, headroom and tone are unrivalled and the cabinets just make any bass I play sound like heaven!!
Marco De Virgiliis and his team are really making it a pleasure to gig with excellent gear and an amazing tone whether I’m playing at stadiums, concert halls and/or in studios across the world.
Big love to Anton Stella at Global Music/World Of Yamaha for being my preferred store for these, and many other, amazing amps!


I happily endorse my local music store, Paul Bothner Music where I have been a client for over 15 years!
Big love to Carel Van Heerden and his staff for always making me feel ‘at home’ whether I’m buying strings or an entire P.A. system!!